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The Greyhound way round: crisscrossing America by bus

Aaron Francis shares his experience of traversing the huge distances of the US … As the bus wound its way through the strangely quiet streets and turned into the Transbay terminal the driver announced, “this is San Francisco, folks. End of the line”. After 60 days, 29 states, nearly 9,000 miles, and more than 200 … Continue reading

Notes from a Big Island

Sharon Brookshaw reveals another side to the beautiful islands of Hawaii… Hawaii, as travel agents and Hollywood like to remind us, is “paradise”. Mark Twain himself described it as “the loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean”. When we think of Hawaii we imagine beautiful beaches bordered by palm trees, hula dancers swaying … Continue reading

Review: Flour Bakery and Cafe, Boston USA

The totally incredible cakes,  brownies and cookies here might easily distract you from the gourmet sandwiches and delicious pizzas that make a great lunch at the canteen like tables. Friendly service and good coffee provide yet more reasons to keep popping back. We ordered a pizza to share and the ingredients were all fresh and … Continue reading

Finding a window on the wild in Canada

Veteran globetrotter, John Carter, former presenter of Wish You Were Here, revisits some of Canada’s most remote and spectacular regions, brimful of wildlife and adventure…  Reflecting on a lifetime of travel, certain experiences come instantly to mind.  There are obvious ones, such as the first sight of the Grand Canyon, or the first visit to Venice.  And … Continue reading

True R&R at Rancho La Puerta

Maya Grobel Moskin re-discovers the restorative powers of Mexico’s original destination health spa… My husband Noah and I like to travel.  When we got married, we made a promise to leave the country at least once a year, and so far we’ve been successful.  We kayaked in Canada for our honeymoon. We got lost in the … Continue reading

Image of the Month

This month’s evocative image, ‘Purple Sky Over Sunset Boulevard’, was captured by Tracy Zhang, a travel photographer from Canada, who says: “There is no other street that captures the essence of Los Angeles, California better than Sunset Boulevard. Lined with beautiful palm trees, this street passes through Hollywood and Beverly Hills, weaving its way by the … Continue reading

The thing that happened while doing laundry

Sarah Yates discovers a culinary gem when she leasts expects it in San Diego. As anyone who has travelled for an extended period of time can attest, while on the road, occasionally, a person will run out of underpants and be forced to spend a couple of hours staring at front loaders spinning round while … Continue reading

Winter Wonderlands: 5 of the best frosty festivals

There are plenty of great events out there that celebrate the cold and help banish any winter blues, here are a few of our favourites… Canada: Carnaval de Quebec – This year Quebec City celebrates its 400th anniversary during their annual three-week long Carnaval (January 27th – February 12th). Watch the canoe race on the … Continue reading

Book Review: The Hungry Cyclist

Tom Kevill-Davies, HarperCollins: An adventurous and high-spirited travel memoir that really captures the sense of the open road, The Hungry Cyclist reveals the diverse cultures of the Americas, chronicling the author’s journey from New York, over the Rockies to Baja California, through Central America all the way down to Brazil in search of the perfect meal. … Continue reading

Five of the world’s most scenic rail journeys

By train is one of the most enjoyable ways to travel, and it has a more acceptable carbon footprint too. With these great scenic rail routes, the journey is as enjoyable as the destination. As Agatha Christie said:  ‘Trains are wonderful… to travel by train is to see nature and human beings, towns… and rivers, … Continue reading

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