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In market heaven in Mexico

Sarah Stewart finds a feast for all the senses at the markets of Mexico… The food hall was thick with veils of smoke, billowing up until it hit the blackened roof beams. Old women fanning glowing charcoal grills were visible through the haze. The aroma of charring meat besieged our noses. Plump ladies beckoned to … Continue reading

A bumpy ride in Ecuador

Louise Alexander gets a baptism by fire on the slopes of Ecuador’s Mount Cotopaxi… “Es muy facil!” I was assured as I booked my ticket with a little apprehension. “Gentle downhill all the way,  wide and smooth”. I drew attention to the fact that I was not what you would call accomplished on a mountain bike. … Continue reading

Jamaica: Beyond the beaches

Stephan Lorenz uncovers hidden gems away from Jamaica’s well known and well trodden coastal resorts… “No sorry man”… we don’t want any ganja, cocaine, women, or bracelets. Well ok, let me look at that bracelet. “No, sorry we are poor biologists” was our standard excuse, which would leave the touts confused. My friend Matt and … Continue reading

Ten Great Places for Summer Skiing

Alex Narracot, Founder and CEO of Much Better Adventures, confides their top recommendations for year round winter sports… Many people think of skiing as a winter activity, after all, it does require a little of the cold stuff that isn’t normally associated with summer. However, you do not have to restrict your adventures on the … Continue reading

An Ayahuasca Experience

Jessie Akin shares a unique and memorable experience in the Peruvian Amazon… I found myself sitting in a bare, symmetrical room just off the only road out of Iquitos, only two years old and cut straight through this part of the Peruvian Amazon Basin. It was ten o’clock at night on a Wednesday in February, and … Continue reading

Image of the Month

This month’s colourful image shows a local woman in her boat on Lake Titicaca in Peru, and was captured by Kate Howell from Sydney, Australia. High in the Andes straddling both Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is, by volume of water, South America’s largest lake. It is also often called the highest navigable lake in the … Continue reading

Cuba and the Importance of Being Ernest

Helen Matthews traces some historic footsteps in Cuba… We’re in Havana on the trail of Ernest Hemingway.  First stop is his drinking haunt, the Floridita, where he invented a new, stronger Daiquiri recipe. His life-size effigy lounges against the bar, frozen in bronze. Now our taxi rattles over potholes as we leave behind the jewel-bright … Continue reading

Rest your head: This month’s reviews

Villa Mostar, Bosnia and Hercegovina, http://www.mostar-tours.com: This is a great little hotel and at €50 a night offers excellent value. It’s easy to find if you follow signs for the Hotel Bristol, in a good location at Musala Square about a ten minute walk to the famous old bridge and the heart of Mostar. There’s free … Continue reading

Image of the Month

This month’s great image was taken at a small coastal village in Bahia, Brail, by Ben Jones, of a young local selling necklaces. This tropical area has the longest coastline in the country and is home to some stunning beaches and bays.

Amazon Adventure

Alice Audley discovers plenty of surprises in the depths of the Amazon… As we sped rapidly through the water, swerving past fallen branches and bits of driftwood, my thoughts wandered to my childhood, to Rudyard Kipling and to Mowgli. Though not in India, my sister and I were on our way into the depths of … Continue reading

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