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In market heaven in Mexico

Sarah Stewart finds a feast for all the senses at the markets of Mexico… The food hall was thick with veils of smoke, billowing up until it hit the blackened roof beams. Old women fanning glowing charcoal grills were visible through the haze. The aroma of charring meat besieged our noses. Plump ladies beckoned to … Continue reading

A bumpy ride in Ecuador

Louise Alexander gets a baptism by fire on the slopes of Ecuador’s Mount Cotopaxi… “Es muy facil!” I was assured as I booked my ticket with a little apprehension. “Gentle downhill all the way,  wide and smooth”. I drew attention to the fact that I was not what you would call accomplished on a mountain bike. … Continue reading

Bangkok before sunrise

Naomi Larsson spends one night in Bangkok… The city is encapsulated with a heavy smog as my friends and I mentally prepare ourselves for an equally heavy night in Bangkok. It’s our stopover on the way to Hanoi and with a flight at 5.30am we thought it best not to bother spending money on a … Continue reading

The Greyhound way round: crisscrossing America by bus

Aaron Francis shares his experience of traversing the huge distances of the US … As the bus wound its way through the strangely quiet streets and turned into the Transbay terminal the driver announced, “this is San Francisco, folks. End of the line”. After 60 days, 29 states, nearly 9,000 miles, and more than 200 … Continue reading

Making the most of Australia’s tropical north

Lauren Edwards offers us a taste of all that Queensland’s Cape Tribulation has to offer… You’ve fought your way through the chaos of the East Coast. You’ve battled your way through the backpacker central of Cairns. You keep driving and driving, desperate to escape the swarms of Euro-backpackers, the party bus pub crawls and jelly … Continue reading

Jamaica: Beyond the beaches

Stephan Lorenz uncovers hidden gems away from Jamaica’s well known and well trodden coastal resorts… “No sorry man”… we don’t want any ganja, cocaine, women, or bracelets. Well ok, let me look at that bracelet. “No, sorry we are poor biologists” was our standard excuse, which would leave the touts confused. My friend Matt and … Continue reading

Notes from a Big Island

Sharon Brookshaw reveals another side to the beautiful islands of Hawaii… Hawaii, as travel agents and Hollywood like to remind us, is “paradise”. Mark Twain himself described it as “the loveliest fleet of islands that lies anchored in any ocean”. When we think of Hawaii we imagine beautiful beaches bordered by palm trees, hula dancers swaying … Continue reading

Chasing waterfalls in the Blue Mountains

Christina Danner experiences more than she expected hiking in one of New South Wales’ beautiful national parks… Great white sharks, rip currents, and box jellyfish; some of the dangers I expected to encounter in Australia. I had prepared myself for these before arriving in Sydney for my semester abroad. I remember reassuring my worried mom … Continue reading

An Ayahuasca Experience

Jessie Akin shares a unique and memorable experience in the Peruvian Amazon… I found myself sitting in a bare, symmetrical room just off the only road out of Iquitos, only two years old and cut straight through this part of the Peruvian Amazon Basin. It was ten o’clock at night on a Wednesday in February, and … Continue reading

The gastronomic delights of the Camargue

Vanessa Cutts explores one of southern France’s most beautiful regions…  It’s difficult to decide what the most iconic thing about the Camargue is: Van Gogh’s sunflowers, the wild white horses or perhaps the bullring at Arles loved by Picasso. Arles has a rich association with art and is well known as the home of Van … Continue reading

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