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25 free attractions in London

Great Britain’s capital city is well and truly in the spotlight at the moment, with the enthralling Olympic opening ceremony surpassing the expectations even of London’s biggest fans. Most people’s perception of the city is that it is not easy on the wallet – especially while the Games are drawing the crowds. Sure, like any … Continue reading

Making the most of Australia’s tropical north

Lauren Edwards offers us a taste of all that Queensland’s Cape Tribulation has to offer… You’ve fought your way through the chaos of the East Coast. You’ve battled your way through the backpacker central of Cairns. You keep driving and driving, desperate to escape the swarms of Euro-backpackers, the party bus pub crawls and jelly … Continue reading

Ten Great Places for Summer Skiing

Alex Narracot, Founder and CEO of Much Better Adventures, confides their top recommendations for year round winter sports… Many people think of skiing as a winter activity, after all, it does require a little of the cold stuff that isn’t normally associated with summer. However, you do not have to restrict your adventures on the … Continue reading

Chasing waterfalls in the Blue Mountains

Christina Danner experiences more than she expected hiking in one of New South Wales’ beautiful national parks… Great white sharks, rip currents, and box jellyfish; some of the dangers I expected to encounter in Australia. I had prepared myself for these before arriving in Sydney for my semester abroad. I remember reassuring my worried mom … Continue reading

Adelaide: the forgotten city?

Laura Day wonders why Adelaide often seems outshone by Australia’s more frequently visited cities… Home to the largest wine region in Australia, a sandy coastline stretching over 60km and a modesty from its locals not heard of in the bigger cities, Adelaide should be stiff competition for its popular counterparts. So why is it failing to top the … Continue reading

Getting out of Arnhem

Abigail Randall shares her experience of rural work in Australia’s outback and offers some useful advice for backpackers… I’ve been met at Darwin airport in a freight truck by a man I’ve never met before, and we’re going to drive nine hours across the state to Arnhem Land, to a town that’s so small it’s … Continue reading

Auckland City Guide

Katie Miller gives us her ideal tour of the ‘city of sails’… New Zealand’s largest city is beautifully situated on the Hauraki Gulf. For many, a trip to New Zealand is all about exploring the (admittedly stunning) great outdoors, but this city is certainly worth at least a few days of your time as there … Continue reading

Image of the month

This serene image was captured by Alex Braithwaite early one morning on New Zealand’s beautiful Great Barrier Island. On the outskirts of the Hauraki Gulf, it is the fourth largest of New Zealand’s main chain of islands yet has a population of around 900, leading visitors to delight in the unspoilt coastal landscapes and compare … Continue reading

Grab a bite: Mexico, Auckland

Awarded best value for money at the Metro Restaurant Awards this year, Mexico should be a must for anyone visiting Auckland. Tucked away near Britomart, the city’s transport hub, it gets top marks for atmosphere and makes for a great night out; there is a long list of Tequilas to chose from! But what we … Continue reading

Grab a bite: Waiheke’s Oyster Inn

If you fancy a bit of treat while you’re in Auckland then check out The Oyster Inn on Waiheke Island, a real gem that opened less than a year ago. Occupying the top story of an old wooden colonial style building and beautifully fitted out with a covered veranda looking out across the shops of … Continue reading

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