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Kids can roam free this summer!

TravelSim offers free SIM cards for kids this summer so mums and dads can relax on holiday and forget about rip-off roaming charges. TravelSim is offering a free pre-loaded SIM card for all kids this summer. A family’s holiday check list is a bit different these days, and love it or hate it, just as important as the essentials such as passports and suncream are the smartphone, tablet and laptop. Mum and dad may plan to get away from it all but often the kids have other ideas, whether it is calling and texting, a social media addiction, or catching up on films or TV. But the idea of the cost of all this data roaming invariably leads to that sinking feeling in the pit of mum and dad’s stomachs. No there is an alternative to simply turning off internet data and voicemail to ensure that no nasty bills are run-up. TravelSim is giving away a free SIM card to the kids this summer with 10 Euros preloaded when mum and dad sign-up and place 10 Euros on their own TravelSim card. It’s a prepaid call-back service with 3.5 million worldwide users and it’s proven to save customers up to 85% on making calls while abroad and also offers free incoming calls in 140 countries and free worldwide SMS. It can be used in 190 countries around the globe. And today’s device-savvy kids will be pleased to know that TravelSim enables your smartphone to be smart again without the worry of ridiculously high data roaming charges. Throughout Europe TravelSim’s GPRS data rate is typically just € 0,50/MB and kids can never go beyond their prepaid limit so it’s impossible to run-up a high bill. The TravelSim free SIM card for kids deal will run through July and August 2013, giving families the chance to take up the offer whilst on holiday. All mums and dads have to do to take up this offer is insert promo code KidzTS into the comments box when they are placing their order on the TravelSim website www.travelsim.com.


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