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Gearing up for the Games in London

Olympic Rings Tower Bridge LondonLondon is the place to be at the moment. With just ten days to go until the opening ceremony, final preparations for the London 2012 Olympics are well underway and the first fully ‘dressed’ venue has been unveiled. London 2012 revealed the ‘Look of the Games’ at the Water Polo Arena on the Olympic Park a few days ago. Vibrant colours have been selected to complement the 32 sporting venues and the designs extend across every aspect of the Games, from spectator arrival into Heathrow all the way through to the venue seats, tickets and medals. 
Local authorities across the UK are also using the London 2012 look in cities, towns and villages, with banners to bunting and floral displays. The Olympic Flame is currently travelling from Brighton to Hastings on day 60 of the Olympic Torch Relay and London is gearing up to welcome the Olympic Flame with its final journey down the River Thames on Friday 27 July.

London 2012The London 2012 Festival is in full swing with over 12,000 events and performances across the UK in celebration of the Games. London is showcasing the best in theatre, art and music, everything from free concerts and art exhibitions to Shakespeare plays and dance performances. Leading artists from all over the world are taking part, including Toni Morrison, Leona Lewis, Damon Albarn and Tracey Emin. The Mayor of London is promising a summer like no other for Londoners and for anyone visiting the capital, with a packed programme of free events across the city’s streets, parks and waterways. Visit www.festival.london2012.com/events/ to find out more about both the London 2012 Festival and Cultural Olympiad events. www.visitlondon.com/london2102 also has a host of essential information, including where to see Olympic and Paralympic events for free.


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