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On a shoestring: ten intrepid destinations that won’t break the bank

India Budget TravelFor those of you who need to travel on the cheap, here’s ten fantastic destinations that will blow your mind but not your budget.

India: India has been known as a cheap destination for ages. From the Taj Mahal to the mighty peaks of Ladakh, this classic shoestring destination is still an amazing destination for adventure seekers.

Nepal: The home of Mount Everest has long been on the radar of the budget traveller, and the trekking is still as awesome as ever.

Poland: Costs are on the up in Eastern Europe but Poland is still at the inexpensive end. Warsaw is great for a city break and the more rural areas are wonderful to explore. Don’t forget hiking in the Tatras.

Laos: For just US$15 a day you can get all you need, leaving you free explore untouched river valleys and villages along the Mekong River. The cheapest way to get there is via boat from Chiang Khong in Thailand.

Indonesia: the pristine beaches are still a drawcard whether you’re keen to surf or just lie on the beach.

Iran: Forget that propaganda, this country meets all the requirements. For around US$25 a day you can live it up in a midrange hotel, eat your heart out and see the wonders of the ancient world

Honduras: A super scuba-diving destination where you can put your entire budget into going under the sea; sleeping and eating are cheap so you can really stretch out your funds.

Morocco: We know Morocco is all about the hard sell but if you want them to be, the beach, the markets and the incredible atmosphere are all free. The more local you get, the cheaper it’ll be.

Sudan: It’s hard to get to, but the locals’ have a huge pride in welcoming guests and there are treasures for the intrepid traveller such as pyramids and other marvels of the ancient world in the north.

Jordan: Filled with archaeological gems, it’s a seldom-visited pocket of the Middle East and can be combined with Egypt, another cheapie destination.


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